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How to choose professional headset
本站原创 2023-07-06

1. whether the headset can really reduce noise?

For customer service staff, they are often located in collective offices with small office seat intervals, and the sound of the adjacent table is often transferred into the microphone of customer service staff. Customer service staff need to provide volume or repeat the speech content for many times, so as to better convey the relevant information of the company to customers. At this time, if you choose and use a phone headset equipped with noise-canceling microphone + noise-canceling headset + noise-canceling adapter, you can effectively eliminate more than 90% of background noise, ensure clear and transparent voice, save communication time, effectively improve service quality, and improve customer experience. 

2. Is it comfortable to wear headsets for a long time?

For the customer service/telecommuting staff who make outgoing calls/answer hundreds of phone calls every day, they wear it for more than 8h every day. If they are uncomfortable, their work efficiency and work mood will be directly affected. When choosing the headset, the enterprise should choose the design of ergonomic structure and fit the headset, at the same time with protein/sponge/breathable leather and other soft ear pads, the ear will be comfortable to wear the headset for a long without any pain, which can make the customer service/sales staff work more comfortable, more efficient.


3. whether the headset can protect hearing?

For heavy users of headsets, exposure to sound for long periods of time can lead to hearing damage without proper technical protection. By using professional headsets, users can better protect their hearing health. Professional headset can effectively protect hearing through efficient noise reduction, eliminating sound pressure of headsets, limiting high-pitched output and other technical means. Enterprises can preferably choose headset with these technologies.


4. Is there any guarantee for the after-sales service of the phone headset?

If you want to have a guaranteed after-sales service, you can give priority to the relatively well-known brands, such as Jabra, PlantronicsInbertec etc. Famous brand products and after-sales are regular and guaranteed. For example, Inbertec's headset can only be sold after strict testing. Meanwhile, it can enjoy 2-year manufacturer's warranty and after-sales guarantee.


In addition to the above several factors, the enterprise also need to consider the price, not the more expensive is more suitable for the enterprise, comprehensive measurement of these factors, combined with their own procurement costs and product needs, more than a few compared, to select to meet the needs of the enterprise phone. At present, there are about one or two hundred phone headsets on the market with a high cost performance, which can meet the ordinary customer service/marketing needs of enterprises.

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