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Environment Noise Cancellation

Call centers, home offices, small business premises and open-plan office spaces can all be tough environments in which to block out background noise in order to focus on the job at hand and keep productivity flowing.

Combine these difficulties with an increasingly digital world, remote customer assistance services, and online conversations made through VoIP and remote conferencing applications, and it's clear to see that businesses benefit from over-ear headphones that take away distractions and make their staff able to clearly understand and communicate with clients or other employees. 

It is now even more important to be able to keep distractions to a minimum, as many of us are adapting to working from home, fully remote, or hybrid working models.

No matter you are in an open-plan offices, coffee shop for a private conference call, at home with lovely naughty kids around you or in a professional high volume call contact center, by applying dual microphone array, use near end ENC and far end svc technology, the Ubeida UB815 and UB805 make it possible for the users free from back ground noise distraction. 

Products for ENC

UB805M/DM         UB815M/DM         UB805JM/DJM         UB815JM/DJM

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