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To operate a contact center is easy and efficient with the Ubeida contact center solutions.  Contact centers always have high call volumes, which requires the necessary equipments more durable.  Also with large number of agents, to minimize the cost of the upfront investment is essential.  

The Ubeida Contact center solution covers from entry to high level headset, with an extremely affordable cost for those who wanted to focus on providing best services to customers and not spending to much money on the hardware. 

The best option for call center operators is a headset with comfortable headphone and a noise-canceling function.  Under the guideline of “Quality is Everything”, Ubeida provides you with better sound, longer operational lifetime, and more comfortable headsets. Our professional headsets don’t cause discomfort during work shifts. They are made of high-quality materials and can fit tightly to the ears and contain a special acoustic foam rubber that provides a noise-canceling effect.
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