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Obviously, my answer is yes. Here are two reasons for that.


First,  the environment of office. Practice shows that the call center environment is also an important factor affecting the success of call center operations. The comfort of the call center environment will have a direct impact on the effectiveness and quality of customer service, and even on the mobility of service personnel, leading to an increase in staff training costs.


A reasonably designed call environment can effectively relieve work pressure, reduce noise distribution, and make business representatives feel relaxed and happy when serving customers, which has a pivotal impact on the improvement of work efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Second, the work form. As we all know that in call center office, there are many workers, and their main work  is to take calls from customers and answer their questions. So under this kind of work form, if people in the same room are talking together, it  will create a lot of noise. What I mentioned above will not only distract the operator, but also make the customer sound as if the room is full of people, which may affect the customer's image of the call center. 

Experts believe that shielding noise has the greatest return on productivity. Many foreign call centers use sound masking systems to reduce sound. Some simple methods can also reduce noise. Such as in the walls, ceilings, carpets with some sound-absorbing foam material in order to reduce the reflection of noise; some vegetation can both refresh the air and absorb part of the noise; the use of noise cancelling headphones that can also reduce noise.


Above all, now how do you think whether noise cancelling headphones is good for office. I am sure your answer must be same as mine.


All headsets in Inbertec use noise cancellation technology, especially UB805DM and UB815DM. These two kinds of headphones have dual microphone array with SVC and ENC technology with 99% noise cancellation. 

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