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Wireless Office Headsets – an in-depth buyer’s guide
本站原创 2023-07-06

The major advantage of a wireless office headset is the ability to take calls or move away from your telephone during a call.  

Wireless headsets are quite common in office use today as they give the user freedom to move around whilst on a call, so for people who do need the ability to be able to be away from a desk whilst keeping the ability to answer calls, then a Wireless Headset could be the perfect option. Wireless Headsets are perfect for: Sales staff, Warehouse managers, Reception staff or anybody else who absolutely needs the freedom to be able to be hands free and mobile whilst taking calls in the office.

There are a few things worth knowing before investing in a Wireless Headset for Office Telecoms use so we hope our guide goes some way to clearing up some of the varied options available.

How many types of Wireless Office Headset are there? 

There are two types of cordless headset to be aware about.

Professional level DECT wireless office headsets

These are designed to be used for fixed Office Telephones, Softphones, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phones and PCs. These types of wireless headsets usually come in two parts: 

1. The headset itself which is fitted with a rechargeable battery. 


2. The base unit which connects to the telephone via a cord, and (if compatible) the PC via USB cable or Bluetooth. The base unit acts as the receiver and charger unit for the headset itself. The headset, in this case, is communicating with the base unit to send its signal to the comms device – these headsets almost always use *DECT technology to communicate wirelessly between headset and base unit.* There are a few Bluetooth only models available that function in the same way. 

Standard Bluetooth office headsets

These are primarily designed for mobile phones and/or PCs and are usually supplied with only the headset and charging cable or charging pod – it is the headset using Bluetooth technology to connect to the mobile or PC device directly.

Except common office Bluetooth headset with full headband, Bluetooth headsets come in many forms, from the modern style; Apple AirPods or Google PixelBuds to the earpiece style, to headsets with neckbands to wear whilst exercising.

Bluetooth office headsets are very much multi-functional, and are commonly used for taking & making business calls and listening to music on the go.

An example of a professional level Wireless Bluetooth Headset – The Inbertec new CW-110 Bluetooth series.

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