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4 Reasons to Get an Inbertec Bluetooth Headset
本站原创 2023-03-10

Staying connected has never been more critical for businesses around the world. The rise in hybrid and remote working has necessitated an increase in the frequency of team meetings and conversations taking place via online conferencing software.


Having the equipment that enables these meetings to run smoothly and keep communication lines clear is essential. For many, this means investing in a quality Bluetooth headset.


They’re Wireless

One of the primary features of Bluetooth headsets is that they’re wireless. Whether remote working, listening to a podcast on public transport, or music whilst working out, wires can be restrictive and make things awkward. Not having the wires in the first place means they can’t get tangled or in the way, making it easier for you to focus on your tasks.


Improved Sound Quality and Connection Stability

With new wireless headset technology constantly being developed, the sound quality and connection stability of Bluetooth headphones, ear hooks, and earphones is always improving. The use of active noise canceling technology provides a better sound experience for users. Alongside this, wireless Bluetooth connections have become stronger and easier to pair with the increasing number of devices without a headphone input socket. 

Enhanced Battery Life

All wireless devices require some form of charging, yet the battery life of Bluetooth headsets can last a significant amount of time. These can easily provide use for a whole day of working in the office, multiple jogging sessions, and even retain charge on standby for months. Some models of in-ear buds do require more frequent charging; however, they are often accompanied by a charging case to ensure they are always ready to be used when you need them.


Keeps Your Phone Unlocked with Trusted Devices

When using your Bluetooth headset within range of a paired smartphone, you can use this connection to keep your phone unlocked. Using the trusted devices feature, creates a smart lock between your phone and other Bluetooth devices. This means your smartphone automatically unlocks when within the range of a trusted device, or locks once out of range again. This can be useful for hands-free use of your smartphone, easily accepting high-quality calls.

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