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How to Choose a Suitable Headset Ear Cushion
本站原创 2022-10-25

As an important part of the headset, headset ear cushion has features like non-slip, anti-voice leakage, enhanced bass and prevent headphones in the volume is too high, to avoid resonance between the earphone shell and the ear bone.


There are three main categories of Inbertec.

1. Foam Ear Cushion

Foam ear cushion is the most used materials in many entry to middle level headsets. While the materials have different grades. The foam materials of the Inbertec earcups are with high grade, imported from Korea, which is more durable and softer than most of the lower grade foam materials. You can wear for a long time but remain comfortable. More importantly, this material provides a seamless fit between the ear and headset ear plate. It keeps the sound in the ear cushion chamber, allows the headset speaker to deliver an accurate and efficient sound output to the ear. 

2. Leatherette Ear Cushion

PU leather ear cushion is more comfortable to wear, and has a strong waterproof, sweatproof function and not easily deformed. Comparing with foam ear cushion, it is more beautiful and has a better anti-noise effect. If your skin is not too sensitive to PU, it will provide you with a more comfortable feeling.

3. Protein leather Ear Cushion

Protein leather is undoubtedly the best material for earmuffs now. Its material is closest to human skin, which has a good breathable effect and smooth leather surface. Long time wearing will not produce a sense of pressure, it can also isolate most of the noises. This type of ear cushion would be a good choice for people pursuit premium using experience. 

We can choose the earcups according to the scenarios of using the headphones and the frequency of use. Comfortability shall be taken into consideration when users do long-term wearing; noise reduction effect shall be considered firstly when using headsets in noisy surroundings. Of course, personal preference is also very important but it won’t go wrong when you follow the above principles when choose ear cushions. 

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