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Advantages of Call Center Headset
本站原创 2022-09-01

1. The noise canceling effect of the call center headsets

Nowadays, the scale of call centers is larger than before, and hundreds or even thousands of customer service staff may work in the same building even same office. The background noise will disturb both staff and customers. The modern noise canceling headset for call center have noise cancellation technology, which is absolutely necessary for call quality and maintaining the customer satisfaction.


Inbertec recently have a new call center headset named Cetus launched, with superior material, noise reduction microphones and stylish outlook and design, which can eliminate background noise and enhance the sound. And the broadband speaker can provide clear auditory performance.


2. Hearing protection of speakers to prevent hearing damage


There were few people who knew that noise injuries were common problems that customer service staff suffered from. Also, repetitive actions cause injuries. It will happen when customer service staff repeatedly encounter high-decibel noise through the call center headphones.


Call centers are often unable to predict the volume of customers (some people don't know how loud they are when speaking or shouting). Currently, the wireless call center headsets have to reduce the volume contacted by customer service staff.


Inbertec headset has an ultra-lightweight design and soft high-quality artificial protein leather ear cushions, which can ensure all-day comfort. It complies with international noise safety standards and helps to create a safe and comfortable working environment.


3. Convenience on work shift change

Because of Covid19, people pay more attention to hygiene in public and office. For staff working in call center with intense and stressful working pace, more attention should paid to their health. For example, having their personal headset, being convenient to connect with the IP phone or systems. Inbertec is dedicated to the develop of multiple cables and adapter for a more efficient and convenient usage.Cables like QD to USB or RJ, Y training cables with separated inline controls, and universal cords are great help for a quick and clear work shift change.


Headset plays a extremely important role in call center, with advanced technologies applied, superior material, unmatched comfort and health care design, Inbertec is a reliable professional on this with no doubt.

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