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Bluetooth headsets: How do they work?
本站原创 2023-03-10

Today, new telephone and PC are abandoning wired ports in favor of wireless connectivity. This is because the new Bluetooth headsets free you from the hassle of wires, and integrate features that allow you to answer calls without using your hands.

How do wireless/Bluetooth headphones work? Basically, the same as the wired ones, although they transmit via Bluetooth instead of wires. 

How does the headset work?

Before answering the question, we need to know the technology that the headsets contain in general. The main purpose of headphones is to act as a transducer that converts electrical energy (audio signals) into sound waves. The drivers of the headphones are the transducers. They convert audio into sound, and therefore, the essential elements of headphones are a pair of drivers.


Wired and wireless headphones work when an analog audio signal (alternating current) passes through the drivers and causes a proportional movement in the diaphragm of the drivers. The movement of the diaphragm moves the air to produce sound waves that mimic the shape of the AC voltage of the audio signal.


What is Bluetooth technology?

First you need to know what Bluetooth technology is. This wireless connectivity is used to transmit data between fixed or mobile devices over short distances, using high frequency waves known as UHF. Specifically, Bluetooth technology uses radio frequencies in the 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz range to transmit data wirelessly. This technology is quite complex and integrates too many details. This is due to the incredible range of applications it serves.


How do Bluetooth headsets work

The Bluetooth headset receives audio signals via Bluetooth technology. To work properly with an audio device, they must be synchronized or wirelessly connected to such devices.


Once paired, the headphones and the audio device create a network called Piconet in which the device can effectively send audio signals to the headphones via Bluetooth. Likewise, headphones with intelligent functions, voice control and playback, also send information back to the device via the network. After the audio signal is picked up by the headset's Bluetooth receiver, it must pass through two key components in order for the drivers to do their job. First, the received audio signal needs to be converted into an analog signal. This is done through the integrated DACs. The audio is then sent to a headphone amplifier to bring the signal to a voltage level that can effectively drive the drivers.

We hope that with this simple guide you will be able to understand how Bluetooth headsets work. Inbertec is professional on wired headset over years. Our first Inbertec Bluetooth headset is coming soon in first quarter of 2023.

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